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Access to 67 titles delivering a wide variety of content in humanities, medicine, the sciences and law. Includes titles which are in the highest ISI ranks. Some journals have German-language titles and include contributions in English and other languages.

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Country-wide access available to all public & private sector universities and non-profit indigenous R&D organizations.

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  • Natural Sciences
  • Medicine
  • Linguistics and Communications
  • Social Sciences
  • Law
  • Mathematics
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Theology, Judaism, Religion
  • Literary Studies

Service Strengths

  • Full text of most Walter de Gruyter titles going back to 1990's
  • Clean interface and excellent navigation
  • Table of Contents alerting available for all users, via E-mail and RSS (Really Simple Syndication)
  • Articles available in PDF
  • Comprehensive search facility
  • Direct links to references for stm titles via Cross Ref

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