Secure Electronic Delivery (SED) through British Library
SED is our most cost-effective delivery option for Immediate Downloads. 1 in 3 document supply customers now use SED. Around 30% of our Electronic Table of Contents (ETOC) database can now be downloaded immediately.
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To check the availability of your requested article please visit @:

Before downloading the document kindly follow the instructions:

The document is encrypted and requires Adobe Reader 6 or above to view and print it. The document must be downloaded within 14 days. The document can be downloaded only once.

Adobe Reader Version 8.0
If you have Adobe Reader version 8, it is now possible to download SED documents with a new software application called Adobe Digital Editions. For further information on Adobe Digital Editions or to download it for free, please visit . After downloading the document you may make one print copy. We suggest that you print this document immediately. You should print this notification and attach it to your printed article . You must print it within 14 days of the above date - all rights to view and print this document will expire within 14 days.
  • To download a document a link will be emailed to you.
  • You have to just click on that link to get access of your electronic document.